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6/17/19 cont.
Subject: Marketing

The only reason I bother with the internet is to self educate and to make some money! So if I'm talking about marketing it's only because that's where the cash is at!

Everything I'm learning I can use for my films so I don't feel too bad with continuing to educate myself on marketing so I can take my bank account to the next level. The latest two guys I must mention are Claude Hopkins and Dan Kennedy and what they discuss is copywriting...
It's all about the headlines and we use them for emails, youtube, social media, print ads and more and if you can master copywriting you can always make money! Since writing is up my alley I now know and continue to learn the power of copywriting and if you want to make money on the interent you must understand marketing.

My first book One Offer Away From Success is a marketing book and I thought I knew it all then but now it's crazy...
...obviously you can never know it all to anything especially marketing. I'm actually experimenting and testing with adwords and have been a while now (yes I should be working on the film), but when I do drop the film I'll have my marketing program in tact.

If you are interested in making money on-line you must research copywriting, writing sales copy and sales in general. It will pay off no matter what!

Subject: Marketing

I keep evolving...and the latest person I found out about is Gary Halbert. If you want to make money on the interent he's the man! He's the one that said all you need is a great "headline" to make millions and he's right. If you're into internet marketing, direct mail marketing or print ads, the information Gary has is priceless! He died a few years ago but his information is probably the most important on the interent!

Gary made a lot of money on what the industry calls copy writing. I heard of the term but I really didn't know how important copywriting was to earning money. Without copywriting you have nothing! I can't believe I didn't know this. When you open an email from someone you don't know it was the headline in the email or the subject that inticed you. Maybe you saw a billboard that made you hungry, it was the headline that did it. What about the youtube videos that you watch, its the headlines on the video that made you want to watch. The Whole point is that copy writing is your secret weapon to making cash on or off line. Check out Gary Halbert.


Bob Proctor calls it the terror barrier when you want to do something better for yourself and your insecure subconscous mind steps in trying to create havoc or tell you all the reasons something won't work. It doesn't happen often to me, but at least I'm aware when it does happen and it's happening now. I join the very mastermind group that I've been looking for but my subby is trying to tell me it's not for me or I don't have time or how am I ever gonna get my film completed or reminding me about that $1,500 dollar balance.

Those things above might be true, but I'm gonna stick to the Blueprint plan. Basically what the guys are saying is the new industry is people making money off their existing knowledge or someone else's knowledge. Although the terror barrier wants me to cancel, I have to remember that I'm investing in my life and that's call self education. Educating ourselves doesn't stop after high school or college. Learning is life long and our minds need to stay energized with new knowledge or become a couch potato weed smoking gamer.


Scientists talk about AI as if it's the future, but it's been here awhile. We just don't have robots that look like people in the home yet...Look around people...your privacy is dying.

Artificle Intelligence "AI" is deep and I'm concerned because when I can upload a picture and the AI program tells me what it is, that's a problem. You don't think so? That means I can be profiled based on pictures. Wow! This means we're playing chess with our lives and freedom. You don't play chess? That means you must live an almost perfect life. You wanna upload photos of your guns with a hoodie covering your face? I can assure you that you're on an agencies gun list with your name because even if you hide your face the software can detect your body mass, hands, eyes, lips, nose etc. and piece together you! You wanna show all your illegal "cash" from selling whatever? All it would take is for someone to send your name and a snapshot to the IRS and get a REWARD for turning you in!

You can't hide and it's F-up. People will say if you ain't doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide and why worry. Some will say privacy is overated. I say privacy is all we got and when we don't have it we can't really be free to be ourselves. AI is making us check ourselves or personal censorship. You wanna say something hateful, political or express your passionate opinion? You'll think twice and if you think you will disguise youself that's were AI will let the world know it's you. We can run but we can't hide...anymore.


They say success is a journey and to enjoy the ride. I think success is your attitude while on the journey, because when shit hits the fan and it will, it'll be all about your attitude and how you handle the situation. Will you say F-it and keep going or will you wilt like a dried up flower?

I updated I Hate My Neighbor website but I'm still working on it. This is about the 4th time I had to update it but I think it gets better.


I keep evolving and learning about myself. The latest litebulb is how the hell could what happened in my early years like 5 years old have anything to do with now? I wasn't making any decisions when I was five years old so what's up? I've come to realize it wasn't me those psychiatrist types were talking about, but those around me like my mother, father, step fathers, aunts, uncles, family friends, strangers etc. and that my little mind was sucking in their info about life and storing it for the future.

What I learned recently is why don’t I have a college degree? Of any type, but don't feel sorry for me. I'm sure when my mom and her friends were smoking weed and drinking us kids was absorbing in our mind computers what we saw. Maybe they were talking about how the system was unfair or they didn't have the time or money for school. Whatever the reason I rationalized that I don't need a degree to be successful and that may be true, but could it also be a mental barrier about education from...gulp...childhood? I'm recognizing what might have happened as a child now is because I'm digging into my mind computer about my beliefs. Why is this even a big deal? haha only those that know...know :)

The big deal for me and even you is there might be something in our belief systems that we picked up as a child regarding education, money, lifestyle, cars, spouses etc. that’s keeping us from being all we can be. Some people never realize this. I’m glad I understand some of the beliefs that have held me back from being the best version of me that I can be. So the 82 units that I have accrued through my education I’m compiling so I can get my Accounting degree.

Oh yeah back to working on the film Neighbor! and the website and the never ending editing...but I'm grateful!


I planned a networking event and got my face cracked. I'm in Lancaster, Calfornia which is basically the desert. Not a problem. I'm one of those enterprising types and if I see opportunity I jump on it. Well this time is the final time I jump into a situation without all the facts.

You know what? I won't bore you with the situation, but I've learned my last lesson about starting a new venture when I have existing ones I need to focus on. I literally had to stop my Get Off Your Butt Networking campaign while right in the middle of it. It's absolutley crazy because overnight I decided I was going to round up all the business people and have them attend my networking event. Not to say that it wasn't possible it's just that I thought the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce was a graveyard and it turns out they got it going on and got the networking covered so no need for me to waste my time trying to convince business owners to get off their butts and network!

The lesson here is to stop my mind from jumping into situations without all the facts and to seriously focus on one project at a time until completion. Like, "I Hate My Neighbor!" Yeah like I don't know that...I lost the Neighbor website a few months ago and have to start if from scratch again! A fellow director told me to scrap I Hate My Neighbor but he doesn't realize that I can't quit nor will the actors let me live it down. It's because of this director that I got my mojo back and decided to really get seriuous as it will be 4 years and the Neighbor project should be completed by now.

Such as life it's not time yet even if the actors are growing gray hair...


Nobody is coming to save you; You must save yourself.

Nobody but you will save you from yourself. No one is going to come into your life with all the answers. No one is going to do the hard work you need to do to become a success in your life. You will not have a lifeboat waiting to take you to the next level of your life. Nobody is coming to save you.

So take out your cheerleader tassels and root for yourself. Be the loudest cheerleader ever for yourself. You want that pat on the back then pat yourself. Do you need someone to tell you that you look great? Then look in the mirror and tell yourself you look marvelous! Do you need someone to tell you that you're doing a great job? Tell yourself you're doing a fantastic job no matter how small the job might be. A job could be as simple as mopping the floor in your home.

Are you waiting on a clap to validate how good you write or spell or convey your message? Don't wait any longer, validate yourself by telling yourself in the mirror eye to eye that you don't need a "clap," a "like" or an "endorsement" from anyone to know how great you are! You have to clap, like and endorse yourself daily with a pat on the back.

No more letting others have control of how you feel about yourself. No more relying on TV, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social platform to say how wonderful and talented you are. You are who you are without any apologies to anyone.

You are the most powerful person that you know. Yes, You! No need to compare yourself to others and what they got. No need to wish you were like someone else. Be proud of who you are and grateful that you can recognize the Good and Beauty in yourself.

Life is too short to feel pity for yourself. Life is too short for you not to believe in yourself. The old saying is true, "belief in yourself and others will believe with you." No need to say you "can't" do something when it's just as easy to say you "can." No more self-pity parties you are bigger than that. Know that you have what it takes to be and do whatever you want to do.

If you don't know what you are supposed to do, then you need to ask your brain-computer questions, and you will get the answers. Your brain-computer might give you answers that you don't agree with, but at least look at what your brain-computer feeds back to you. When you ask your brain-computer questions, it goes into the hard drive of your mind and brings you answers based on your experiences and what you have picked up by others. Don't argue with your conscious mind what the brain-computer feeds back to you. Just analyze the feedback.

You have bigger fish to fry then what's happening in your life now, and you know this! I bet you want to inspire others. I bet you're a leader beneath your calm style. I bet you want to write a book or books about what you know. I bet you are passionate. I bet you know that you can make a difference on planet earth. I bet you believe you deserve recognition for being the Best!

Nobody is coming to save you but You, so put yourself in a lifeboat and get paddling towards the success that you know is destined for you - whatever that "success" is to you.

I've done a little bit of everything as I wanted to always have multiple skills and I'm grateful I've been able to recognize the skills I have. Ultimately I want to write books that will be turned into blockbuster films and I want several websties generating income so I can do my thang anywhere on earth. Reading and writing are at the top of my list and I envison the day that all I'll do is read, write, edit my films and host radio programs.