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Get Off Your Butt and Network!

Some will say why bother with a networking seminar or workshop in Lancaster California? The desert. Well for one Lancaster is now the 4th largest city in California and is seriously growing like the gold rush.

I can also tell by the commute time and traffic that there are plenty of folks that live in Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita that work in Los Angeles.

Right now you can still get a huge house. I'm talking a new double decker with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage and central heat and air for less than $2k a month, a large new apartment with all the amenaties or start a business at a reasonable price. That's quietly and quickly changing.

Some will say that the authorities are sending prisoners, section 8 people and losers to Lancaster and Palmdale. A lawyer told me that a few years ago and now he has three rental properties. I told the lawyer you'll find those same types and more in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. In Southern California you wil find struggling people everywhere. I think that rumor was started so that certian perople could gooble up the properties.

I checked out the local chamber of commerce and it was a graveyard. It almost scared me to back out of my event, but instead I plan to jump on the opportunity to become the leading person to network business people together sharing their products, services and ideas.

I'm literally going door to door to promote myself, postal mailers, google ads and some posters on the corner. "See the people" an important person once said.

Yes I'll get plenty of rejection, however I'll meet some cool people too while building a strong monthly and then weekly membership based network!

The event is $49 which covers memebership for one year. A member can come to any of the monthly events. However for the first 3 events, the $29 membership fee cover the same benefits. Membership fees cover the hotel and snacks fees.

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