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Delivery Opportunities Are Wide Open For Action Takers!

March 27, 2020

Just a thought! We must keep our dinero coming in people or be broke and mad at the world!

Not everybody is letting the chaos affect them and I want to run with that crowd.

Delivery — Don’t search for a job offer your self quarantined vehicle and knowledge of the city as an opportunity to pick up and drop off private business. Since Fedex, USPS, Amazon etc. are busy they’ll hire anyone/company that can get the job done!

They are so swapped due to lack of labor, that you can work out a deal with a company to transport items for them and if you have two or three clients you can make money now!

You could definitely work out a deal with Amazon!

Skills you need: The ability to communicate. Reliable vehicle with insurance…no worry about your felonies the government isn’t processing background scans so all you have to do is prove your loyalty, reliably and responsibility.

I’m talking about small business owners who need delivery services especially if it involves shipping.

Who is this for? Anyone no matter the age that can transport from mail to electronic items privately for companies. Get in the game before Uber and Lyft start taking your gigs…

Where? Right now any city…and with the traffic and gas low it’s time to strategize, negotiate and self educate!

How do you get the business? Think about who could use your service and then CALL them! You might as well use your cell phone. Also put an ad on Craiglist can’t hurt.

Give them a free test of your service — Delivery something free. If you live in California you can drive from Sacramento to San Francisco and if you are in Los Angeles it’s wide open.

I actually know other marketing tips…but this is free to do!

Just sayin’!

It’s Time To Analyze Your Inner Boogyman

With All The Drama… Here Come Our Fears…

What does your inner boogyman look like? Has he or she appeared and tortured you to hell yet? Has your worse nightmare happened? Probably not, but it’s a good time to analyze your fears…your inner boogyman.

I know you are full of anxiety and maybe even denial about the state of the world, however there is a lot of good in shutting it all down. We all need to stop and breathe…perhaps take a walk.

Perhaps leave the phone off and in your pocket if you must have it with you. Feel the rain drops… enjoy the heat of the sun…make a snow ball…most of all come to terms with what you fear most and then tell your boogyman to take a fu#kin’ hike!

Don’t let a fictitious character that you conjured up in your own mind give you sleepless nights. Vow now to say FU boogyman you ain’t even real! Don’t let past movie images in your head play out in your life.

Take this time off to enjoy your family and friends or just time with yourself and if the boogyman avatar sits on your left shoulder whispering evil thoughts of despair or of things that could happen, on the other shoulder create an avatar that represents good thoughts and then go shank the boogyman in the gut…

just sayin…

The Old World Is Gone…One Day We Will Wish We Had Those Days Back!

Are you gonna hug your nieces and nephews?

Well at least the world infrastructure is still here….For now…So I guess I better be grateful!

Wowwww a double punch into our now blacken eyes!

They got us scurrying around like ants on a sugar hill! The whole world is being taken over and there is nothing we can do about it!

When the dust clears you will see I am right. When the dust clears it will be only one government and The Trump Card will be our last President.

To far fetched for ya? Maybe…


They got us! I knew it was coming and I knew a virus was an option but I got caught up with my life like everyone else and got sucker punched. We are in WWIII people! The powers that be are against the people of the world.

Some people thought it would come in the form of missiles, but no they don’t want to destroy the infrastructure…well not yet anyway…that will come in the future when they want hi tech cities with no fat or poor people.

They got everybody, young and old, rich and poor, stars and athletes….We are here in the mist of the most important change in our life time and we are fighting for toilet paper and paper towels.

Really now people of the world, are we this dingy?

So lets see what happened?

A monkey or some other animal was eaten by a human (again) and now the world is infected. I guess it was the same monkey family that created AIDS.

It’s usually one of the same areas of the world to be blamed; Africa, China, Russia, Mexico or the Middle East take your pick as the animal could’ve been eaten in any of those countries…

Then the broken down TV media takes off like a rocket and since FaceBook is full of the voiceless wanting to be seen and heard the monkey animal virus disinformation spreads like wild fire with people saying all kinds of shit.

Star actors and athletes pour gas on the fire with their virus confessions. One day people are dying and the next minute only a few. No one has the facts…just like the elite planned…

You don’t think this whole virus fiasco was planned? Tsk tsk tsk remove the blinders and have a cup of tea…

Anyway the media tells the fear mongering, glued to social media, robotrons that they need paper goods to fein off the virus. Ha! That was definitely the biggest red flag missed by shiploads of people.

It’s like a script. Don’t go outside. Don’t touch other people. Don’t sneeze at work or the whole office will go quiet. Don’t kiss your loved ones. Don’t hug your nieces and nephews and you’ll die a quick death if you hug a stranger…

Then we get to breathe before the storm by having us off work and at home in fear of each other…programming us…

Then they offer us some cash to calm our nerves. Cash works every time!

Then after they have trained our minds to be indoors, non touching and non social they open back up the world and we will automatically follow the subconscious program planted to keep us in line or get another virus…

Yes a lot of people will die…on purpose and yes this is the end of the old world as we know it know and the ushering in of a new world, where bullshit won’t be tolerated by those with the true power.

The world is crushing around me, but I’m sorta of excited because I see opportunities! Mega opportunities and behind the scenes I’m working! I guess work or be mad and broke.

One day we will long for the selfish, ungrateful old world days of our controlled American lives.

Just sayin’

Welcome To The
New World Order!

No worries go back to your video game!

We Are Living In A New World!

But this time it’s for real. They are stepping up the game…

I thought 9/11 was a new world order and it was because there were new laws put into place, especially serious security laws. That’s when the security at the airport kicked in and really security in general everywhere.

911 was another form of terror getting us ready for what’s happening now. I think whoever the powers that be are, they knew they were going to do some type of virus situation that would usher in the new world order for 2020 and it was so simple for them to do…

Like rats in a maze we react to whatever we are told. They were probably laughing watching us buy toilet tissue and hand sanitizer, saying “look at ‘em scurry in fear.”

There was a short Twilight Zone film called the Monsters where some aliens were chillin’ in space and decided to do an experiment with some humans.

They took a little neighborhood street and they turned the lights on and off, made them flicker, shut off the phones and radio, made cars start-up by themselves or whatever. Of course, everybody tripped out and demolished the street.

That’s what’s happening right now, and it’s working perfectly. The media is feeding on us like vultures. It’s like, wow, are these people human or what? Don’t they understand the chaos they’re causing (of course they do) so they can get stats…

So anyway people get ready for the new way of life and how things are going to be. The restructuring of society is taking place right before our eyes.

A few thoughts on the new structure:

  1. Limited travel from city to city, state to state and neighborhood to neighborhood.

2. Closed down schools to be used as low-level jails and tent cities

3. Curfew with very few people out at night

4. School to be online for the majority of students. Good luck with doing homework on your tiny phone. (There will be a market for those that can teach and create mobile-ready education courses. At least that’s what I’m working on).

5. Rent will go down and so will houses as people hold on to their money

6. Buy stocks now while they are cheap as the prices will rise again

7. Sports as we know has changed but will be back with plastic barriers so the players don’t get sick.

8. No kissing, hand shakes or high fives

9. Parents are gonna go crazy with the kids in the house and visa versa

10. Crimes committed by neighbors who know what you got

11. Trump to be the last elected US President (ok maybe I’m reaching)

12. Cash will be and is already considered dirty and full of germs so it’s a great time to get rid of it. Does this road lead to adigital society? Yeah.

13. The homeless and sick — The public will say they gotta go. They can’t be sitting on a street with germs, so they’ll be probably putting them in tent cities somewhere.

14. Some people will think the government is God when they get the small financial trinkets people are going to be needing.

Even when the virus settles and dies off, the policies put in place will probably stay just like the ones for 911.

There’s no doubt this is a man-made situation (as always) to put the people in line and it’s working. When I saw Bill Gates face, I knew that eugenics was in place…

Well people, we can wake up all we want, but the NWO is in full effect. Yes, I could be wrong…

All I’m saying is that even though we are entering a new phase in our life kicking and screaming… we will be ok, because there’s still an opportunity in the world.

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