They say success is a journey and to enjoy the ride. I think success is your attitude while on the journey, because when shit hits the fan and it will, it'll be all about your attitude and how you handle the situation. Will you say F-it and keep going or will you wilt like a dried up flower?

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I updated I Hate My Neighbor website but I'm still working on it. This is about the 4th time I had to update it but I think it gets better.


I keep evolving and learning about myself. The latest litebulb is how the hell could what happened in my early years like 5 years old have anything to do with now? I wasn't making any decisions when I was five years old so what's up? I've come to realize it wasn't me those psychiatrist types were talking about, but those around me like my mother, father, step fathers, aunts, uncles, family friends, strangers etc. and that my little mind was sucking in their info about life and storing it for the future.

What I learned recently is why don’t I have a college degree? Of any type, but don't feel sorry for me. I'm sure when my mom and her friends were smoking weed and drinking us kids was absorbing in our mind computers what we saw. Maybe they were talking about how the system was unfair or they didn't have the time or money for school. Whatever the reason I rationalized that I don't need a degree to be successful and that may be true, but could it also be a mental barrier about education from...gulp...childhood? I'm recognizing what might have happened as a child now is because I'm digging into my mind computer about my beliefs. Why is this even a big deal? haha only those that know...know :)

The big deal for me and even you is there might be something in our belief systems that we picked up as a child regarding education, money, lifestyle, cars, spouses etc. that’s keeping us from being all we can be. Some people never realize this. I’m glad I understand some of the beliefs that have held me back from being the best version of me that I can be. So the 82 units that I have accrued through my education I’m compiling so I can get my Accounting degree.

Oh yeah back to working on the film Neighbor! and the website and the never ending editing...but I'm grateful!


I planned a networking event and got my face cracked. I'm in Lancaster, Calfornia which is basically the desert. Not a problem. I'm one of those enterprising types and if I see opportunity I jump on it. Well this time is the final time I jump into a situation without all the facts.

You know what? I won't bore you with the situation, but I've learned my last lesson about starting a new venture when I have existing ones I need to focus on. I literally had to stop my Get Off Your Butt Networking campaign while right in the middle of it. It's absolutley crazy because overnight I decided I was going to round up all the business people and have them attend my networking event. Not to say that it wasn't possible it's just that I thought the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce was a graveyard and it turns out they got it going on and got the networking covered so no need for me to waste my time trying to convince business owners to get off their butts and network!

The lesson here is to stop my mind from jumping into situations without all the facts and to seriously focus on one project at a time until completion. Like, "I Hate My Neighbor!" Yeah like I don't know that...I lost the Neighbor website a few months ago and have to start if from scratch again! A fellow director told me to scrap I Hate My Neighbor but he doesn't realize that I can't quit nor will the actors let me live it down. It's because of this director that I got my mojo back and decided to really get seriuous as it will be 4 years and the Neighbor project should be completed by now.

Such as life it's not time yet even if the actors are growing gray hair...